Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

For several years now it seems that Easter has passed me by rather quietly. It was always the one holiday where we just couldn't justify traveling, so we would stay in Chicago. And usually Rob would work. Needless to say I was pretty excited about this Easter. I had Rob request it off weeks ago (of course his manager messed up and scheduled him anyway but he was able to change his shift to the night shift).

We went to church this morning with Mom, where we ended up sitting with my cousin Katie and her fiance Tom. Then Mom hosted the family dinner, as promised long ago during my famous ham and Cadbury Mini-Egg cravings. It was so nice to be able to enjoy a family holiday, of course ended with a rousing version of Smart Ass -- a game so optimal for my family it was clearly designed with us in mind.

Easter has always been one of the holiday seasons that I have most enjoyed. It always makes me think of my Grandma Kogler. When we were little we used to go to her house to dye eggs because my mother couldn't boil eggs without cracking them -- not sure if that was true or just what she said to give us an excuse to let Grandma do it. We used to do a bunch of eggs in regular solid colors and then add oil to the dye to make bubbles in the colors. And Grandma used to boil another batch of eggs in onion skins in the German tradition.

We also went to the Niagara Falls Conservatory this weekend -- something else we always used to do with Grandma and Grandpa Kogler. Their floral displays are just the same as they always have been -- so absolutely beautiful at Easter time, particularly with the Easter Lily cross surrounded by Grape Hyacinth. But this year they also had bunnies and chicks amidst the flowers. So cute! And next year we'll have someone special to take with us to see them. This year, Rob just stood in the way and blocked other people's children from seeing the chicks.

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