Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby's Room

While we're waiting... (i.e. yes, still no baby) Here are a few pictures of the nursery.

This is the crib, which my grandmother bought for us. Rob put it together last week. The quilt draped over the front is made by my Mom with fuzzy flannel bunnies all over it.

The bookshelf filled with books thanks to everyone at my shower, and the changing table, complete with Bunny chasing the Moon mobile to distract Baby at changing time.

My rocker which you can see is loaded with quilts. Plus you can see Baby's "rocker" which my cousin Katie got for us and I love! The curtains were made by my mom, and that's my hope chest, which I'm giving to Maddie (though it's also filled with my stuff right now).

OK, and I swore I wouldn't do this because I'm not a fan of posting belly pictures, but I promised Hillary.... So here's what I look like as of today:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Must Keep on top of these things!

I just told one of my fellow bloggers that I was glad to see her blogging again and then I realized oh, yeah, I haven't blogged for a while either. So I need to get on that. I had an awesome weekend. This is my niece. She's adorable and I got to hold her and see her lots. I have to use a link to show you pictures because I haven't taken pictures in forever. I actually had my camera in my purse the whole weekend and kept forgetting that I had it. I really need to change that too.

On the downside our car died. On the upside I now have a really good garage and they are quoting us a price that is 1/3 the total of what we paid in Chicago for the same problem a couple of years ago -- so that's pretty good. On the downside we won't have a car for a few days possibly. Which means that should I go into labor I may need to work through the circuit of relatives to take us to the hospital -- but hey, we have relatives here. So that's an upside.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Hero

This morning on my way to my doctor's appointment, I got a call from my Mom. She said she needed some help because during the night a bat had gotten into her bedroom and she couldn't find it. She needed me to come over and help her look because this weekend, she's going to have baby Annie (my newborn niece) at her house. So I told her I'd come over after my appointment -- then I started thinking, 'oh wait, I already have a baby in THIS house', so what exactly am I going to do? So I went and picked up Rob. Rob grabbed his "bat fighting equipment" which consisted of: a laundry bag, a baseball glove and a stocking hat (so there would be insulation if it bit him) and we headed over to Mom's.

Rob starts looking behind mirrors, pictures, etc... and quickly finds the bat in the curtains -- then he squealed like a little girl and ran away. Then we called Mom's 80 year old neighbor to come kill the bat. In the end, Rob actually ended up saving the day. It turns out that Mom's neighbor couldn't reach the bat because it was too high, so Rob put on his glove grabbed it and dropped it in a coffee can. This story has a humane ending -- the neighbor didn't kill the bat, but released it in the park.

After that I spent all day at the DMV (two different trips mind you) and accomplished nothing. I don't really want to write about that because I'm still too pissed off about it. So maybe I'll write after my third trip to the DMV.

I do have to add that my doctor thinks all you people are nuts with your nesting projections. She's placing her bet on June 1 or 2. That would work for me! But we'll see if maybe you all are right. Anybody want to place their bet? There's a poll to the left!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Nest

Let's revisit this nesting concept. I just finished hanging a series of wedding pictures along our amazingly long gallery wall. I'm particularly excited about this because it's such an unusual space (my cousin Katie who REALLY should be an interior designer told me she never hung anything on that wall when she lived in this building) and it's a series of 9 frames of various sizes. And I did it! And it looks beautiful. It just fits the wall perfectly and seriously I have never hung pictures so perfectly, all beautifully aligned with perfect spacing. It did take a fair amount of measuring and delicate placement, but I never had to redo a single one, it went that perfectly. I knew I learned something working at that stupid gallery on Oak Street (which will remain nameless, Russell mumble-mumble inspiration for Devil Wears Prada.)

So I was thinking yes, this need to hang photos, etc is probably nesting. But also as I hung these photos I realized that I never hung them up in our last apartment. Truthfully, I never hung anything up -- except a Cubs calendar that got posted up on a nail left by the previous owner. Maybe I'm so excited about hanging stuff up just because it's been so long since I have felt at home anyplace. Those wedding pictures bring me a lot closer I will tell you, because I just LOVE those photos. Best outcome of my wedding (oh, and my husband -- but let's face facts, he wasn't going anyplace.) Plus, I really have been frustrated by how slow the last few weeks have gone in terms of unpacking. Because I just can't do a lot of it. There have been too many boxes just kind of stowed places when I know where they should be or should be unpacked. I just can't lift them. But I can hang stuff up. I can't do any more today though because it's after 5 pm and I don't want my neighbors to hate me.

I will confess to this nesting though. I am not exactly what you would term a neat and clean person. I don't mind picking up -- in fact I generally like to do it. But I do let things accumulate and then enjoy sorting through, not picking things up right away after I use them. I do not clean well. In fact, I don't think I really KNOW how to clean. By this I mean, I see a few spots on the kitchen floor, I get out a swiffer and clean it -- and then I look at the floor and notice that it's still dirty. I think I'm cleaning well and then realize the object of my cleaning is just not clean. So it is rather surprising that I really have been looking at the floors in this apartment and thinking, "Oh, I'm going to sweep/mop/vacuum that." I just bought a new Swiffer yesterday, so let's see if I actually do it well. And this could just be the whole "I live in a new apartment and if I clean as I go it will always be fresh and clean and NEVER get dirty." If it is nesting, I would like to ask if anyone knows of a way to keep the nesting instinct. Anyone?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mission(s) Accomplished

I accomplished so much today! For the past week, I've been pretty exhausted and just have given into the need to rest lots. BUt all of a sudden I started getting a little bit more energy today. In fact I pretty much got that energy last night at 4 am, when I suddenly really wanted to hang all my art and pictures up. I suppressed the urge, but this morning it did motivate me to do some cleaning. And I washed all the baby clothes, blankets, sheets and such. Plus I still have enough energy to do some grocery shopping tonight when Rob gets home. Though -- I have not actually hung any artwork on the walls because I need to buy nails. Still, I did stuff today! Hooray!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother Daughter Banquet

Today I went to the Mother-Daughter Banquet at my grandma's church. My grandmother has been part of the Rosary society for longer than I've been around and her church still functions like a church from the 1950's with lots of clubs and organizations that sponsor church events. When we were little, the Mother-Daughter banquet was a huge deal that used to be at a restaurant like the Apple Grove. I remember getting dressed up and wearing white patent leather shoes for some reason -- and I always loved going to the banquet. Over the years, the banquet was moved to the church basement and became the Mother-Daughter brunch. This year it was actually a lunch buffet and I guess they have now changed the name to the "Ladies Lunch." It's always cute because there is one man who works in the kitchen every year, and then the rest is catered.

I saw a few of my grandmother's friends who I haven't seen since the shower and their collective opinion is that I look like I'm getting close. And my aunt Luann is maintaining that I probably only have a couple of weeks left too. My new hope is that Madeleine is a gemini -- so if she can just make it until May 20th I will be happy. I am however debating packing my hospital bag -- is that just tempting fate? Overall, I'm feeling a little more calm, just because I'm within sight of being 37 weeks or full term, and because the crib is actually here, even if not built yet. Plus I'm extremely uncomfortable -- so pain really seems like a good out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are we there yet?

I have this odd feeling that this baby is going to be early.... She better be a Gemini that's all I gotta say. Ever since my niece was born early (tomorrow would have been her due date but instead today is her 1 month birthday!) I have just had in my mind that Maddie will be here before her time. I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable with the idea. I seem to be getting more stuff done that I wanted to finish, and I'll have a crib for her this week.

In other news, I found out I get to meet my new niece this month! She'll be taking her first road trip for Memorial day which as always is my favorite holiday season what with my mom's and my birthday in there someplace. Let's hope that Annie doesn't get to meet Maddie on THIS visit.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Baby Update

I feel like I haven't written in a little while, so I think I'll give a little update on what's going on. Rob got moved back to his old coffeehouse due to the departure of one of the store managers. This is the best news ever because his old store is a calm tranquil place. A place that he can work somewhat normal hours and have days off. He has tomorrow off and he has been home for dinner two nights in a row. Hooray. And his new store manager already spoke to him about how he is very supportive of maternity leave and wants Rob to feel free to take a week off when the baby comes. Again, hooray! He also has off on Friday and is going to pick up the crib, so phew... huge relief!

This morning I had my doctor's appointment and everything is great with baby. My NP told me that the baby is a nice size -- not too big, not too small and she thinks we should have a nice "normal" labor. I internally laugh, while being completely afraid to believe her given my past few months of pregnancy fun. And I got to have an impromptu sonogram today so we could figure out if the baby was in position. I truly was convincing myself this baby was going to be breach and provide me with a nice 30 hour labor for kicks, but it turns out she is in the right place. So again phew... huge relief!

This past weekend we did our childbirth class which was in the form of a marathon 8 hour session. As we were talking about some of the complications that can occur like pre-eclampsia, I looked down and noticed that my feet and ankles were about three times their normal size. At the exact moment the nurse was talking about the symptoms of pre-eclampsia which can include sudden swelling. So I was somewhat concerned through most of Sunday and Monday, but I've been told I exhibit no other signs whatsoever and that I should be in the clear from that. And also my feet are normal and pretty again. Don't tell Rob, because I'm still using it as an excuse for him to hurry up and get the crib built.

Today, I suddenly have been feeling kind of crappy, but at least Rob is here to order me dinner and tell me to relax. So I'm sure by tomorrow I should feel a bit better.

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me. Our apartment is still fabulous, and I haven't exactly finished unpacking but I'm close enough that I feel completely at home.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mechanical Question

Does anyone know how to fix a door that won't stay shut? I have two cats that I would like to keep out of a certain nursery and that damn door won't quite click shut. It seems too, but a strong gust of wind or a fat cat standing on his hind legs will open it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Wireless Life

One of the many perks of our new apartment is that internet and cable are included in our rent. Hoorah! So when we moved in they gave us our modem, and that's when it dawned on me that we really need wireless. In the past we just always tell the cable guy and he gives us a modem that has a wireless connect and easy-peasy we're connected. I checked with our building rep and he told me that they don't do that here, but that I could get a wireless router and just connect it to the modem with an ethernet wire. Confused-tech-challenged-pregnant-lady, say what? What?

Yeah, but I figured it all out -- and actually felt pretty broad of myself for doing so, though it does suck that we had to buy a router. Then I tried to set it up and got to deal with Time Warner Cable (because I didn't have the username and password for our account). In case anyone was wondering, yup they are just about on par with Comcast. Geniuses all. Eventually, I got the joy of calling tech support for the router maker to find a way around the information that T-W couldn't provide. My new Indian buddy helped me figure it out and I only once while spelling my last name made a slip and said "F as in foreign."

So at long last we have wireless internet and no longer have to tag onto the wireless network of "twobrosoneho" which was our previous ISP. I am beginning to suspect however that our wireless might be rather slow. I tried to access facebook and it gave me a really funky half uploaded version.... At least I can always plug in with ethernet if need be.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Shower and other things

I was planning on writing a blog today on my baby shower which happened yesterday and posting some pictures, but like a big dork I didn't take any pictures. Of course I was busy having fun, but still I need to get into that picture taking thing again (though will soon have a very perfect model for all my pictures, so I'm sure that won't be a problem!) My best friend Melisa took some awesome pictures but my mom has them, so I'll try to post some later this week.

I had the most amazing time at my baby shower! My aunt Luann threw the party for me. She decorated the house so adorably with a clothesline full of baby clothes, a gorgeous and astoundingly beautiful cake, and lots of pink everywhere. It was so amazing to have so many of my friends and family there and have such a relaxed atmosphere that allowed me to talk with everyone. I usually feel pretty uncomfortable in that type of situation -- being the center of attention, but in this case I felt pretty relaxed.

My aunt had a couple of games planned -- none too cheesy! The cutest was that she had people break up into teams and make pictures of what our baby will look like. People were able to use cutouts from magazines and markers and such, and then I got to judge the winners. I've saved all the artwork and am going to put it in the baby's scrapbook.

There was an embarrassment of riches - everyone got me such adorable things! The clothes, the sheer amount! She'll be the best dressed baby in town. Last night Melisa (who stayed with me) helped me put everything away in the baby's room and we realized that I pretty much have everything that I need for the baby. But the cutest thing was that my aunt Luann had asked everyone to bring the baby a book, so now Madeleine has a whole library of books.

The sad thing was that at the end of the shower, I really wanted to tell Rob all about it -- and now he's working so much I hardly see him. He got home at 3 am last night, and I woke up and was able to talk to him for a while. But I still haven't been able to show him all the gifts and the artwork. I won't see him tonight either - or for that matter probably for a while. I feel a bit like I'm back to single life. I have to go get some grocery this week and I'm trying to think of good dinners to make for one. The good news is it won't last for ever and sooner or later he will be back to working 40-50 hours a week, but it might be a long stretch before that happens.