Sunday, March 27, 2011

I feel pretty!

How do I look? Is my ponytail ok?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

What a great day to wear new shoes and pick up rocks!


Do you think she's trying to spell "Help"?

Poor little thing

Maddie has had a tough week! First she got a small rash on her side. Then she got an ear infection. Then her cousin went home to Boston. And now her rash has spread to her whole body. It doesn't seem to bug her and the doctor said it's nothing big and not contagious. But the poor baby is as speckled as her leopard print jammies:

There's no known reason for the rash but I think it might be the detergent we use in her bath:

Gentle cycle please!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

On cat's paws...

Do you find yourself staring at your browser window waiting for a blog like this? Actually this is Maddie waiting for her Dada to get home from work. You should never mention the word Dada around 5-6 p.m. because she takes that as a promise.

At any rate, I wanted to save I've been slow in posting because the famous Armagedon of the iPhone also deleted my blogging app which means that I have lost the convenience of posting. There's no using the computer around Maddie. She thinks it's broken. Because we lie to her. If we don't we would have Sesame Street going on the tv and the computer constantly. That girl is seriously addicted.

By the way, I vividly remember waiting for my dad to get home from work, too. Like mother, like daughter!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Starting Over

Ugh, what a day. And truthfully it has not yet been a good start to 2011.

I actually started writing this on Monday but stopped because I decided that was all the words I had. Normally I start off the year with gusto, but this year I've just Bren in a daze.

To top it off, I had a week off for Spring Break but don't be too excited on my behalf. I started it off sick and ended it by throwing out my back.

I spent the following week in a state of bare movement and am still a little off, but don't worry. I'm working on it.

Monday I got in my car, turned on my music and discovered my iPhone Library had been erased (long story). I got to work to discover my work on a HUGE project had also been erased. Clearly the world wanted me to get a Mulligan.

So yesterday I set about the work of recreating. I built my music library back from scratch, finished that work project in one day (it normally takes a week -- I am superhuman), and I ended the day on a great note.

Now if I could only get into my normal organizing mode...

***if you're wondering why I threw my back out, stay tuned! There's a story coming soon...

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Maddie loves to "why". See?

Sometimes it's windy when she flies:

But no matter the weather she loves it:

A few weeks ago, my Mom very kindly babysat for us overnight while Rob and I took a little get away to Niagara Falls, Ontario in honor of our 11 year anniversary. Before my Mom came to stay she asked me to TiVo a show that her friend's granddaughters loved. Maddie watched it, and was kind of blase.

When we got back from Canada, we watched it with us and for some reason, Maddie decided to take a little more interest.

That show was called Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. And since then all we have heard is two words: "Tink" and "Why"

And that my friends is how I threw out my back. You try helping a 30 pounder to fly and see how your back does. (Oh, and I also hear the word "bach" for when Maddie wants to color on my back with crayons. Best form of message therapy I know!)