Thursday, January 31, 2008

Getting to know me, Getting to know all about me...

Wow, that blog title sounds just a little bit self-centered. Especially considering so far, I don't think anyone is reading this blog but me. Sad.

At any rate, now is the perfect opportunity for me to write about my favorite topic -- me. And if anyone IS reading this, here's a little bit about who I am:

*Well, I'm from Buffalo -- that's a good definer. Yes, this means I like snow (outside the window), hockey and chicken wings. What you may be shocked to learn is that I don't actually like the chicken of the wing. Or even the skin, unless it's really crispy. I only like the sauce. If I got an order of chicken wings and nobody else was around, I would just lick them.

*After that tidbit, I'm sure you really want to read more. I say "tidbit" whenever I can because I have a grandmother that I absolutely adore who always says "titbit" and I find that very amusing.

*I really love planning parties with insane amount of detail (and themes) and really want to be a wedding planner. So much so that after my wedding, I became kind of depressed because I wouldn't ever get to plan my wedding again. I just recently had a dream that Rob and I found out our wedding wasn't legit and we had to get married all over again -- and I was just delighted because I got to have a second wedding.

*That being said, I have no plans to divorce Rob just so that I can have a second wedding. Despite giving him a pocketwatch that says "With love, your first wife." I do however plan to throw a heck of a 50-year anniversary party. Maybe also a 40, 30, 20, and 10-year anniversary party. Maybe also a 5 and 2-year anniversary party... hmmm...

*I'm pretty obsessed with my job -- mainly because I get to be creative and business like, very suitable for a Gemini. But at the same time, my biggest ambition is not job-related but rather to have things like a craft room. Oh, and a garden room, even though I don't garden.

*I like to read a lot (, yeah, I know I've only reviewed 3 books. It's a work in progress), but also I really enjoy rereading books. I read Pride and Prejudice every spring and Rebecca every fall.

*I plan all my meals to suit the season. I have a favorite spring, summer, fall and winter salad for my lunches, plus a whole repertoire of seasonal dinners. I love to cook some much that I'm thinking of starting a second blog just of daily recipes.

Ok, I'm sick of me. So begins the question and answer portion of this blog...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

And so it begins...

I was goaded by my friend Literary Auntie to start this blog. See last year I decided that the internet was boring, primarily because when I googled my name nothing came up anymore. I used to find my name in lots of google results. Now if you search it you just find references to a 3-year old A Fuss who lives in Germany and knows how to use computers. That's demoralizing. So I started trying to find new things to surf. And I found the wonderful world of blogs. It turns out that lots of people that I know blog. And I find their blogs absolutely fascinating. Perhaps because I've always wanted to blog (ever since Doogie Howser MD) but never really had the dedication.

So I asked Literary Auntie who blogged fairly frequently on her myspace if she would take the plunge with me and start a blogger account. She actually did. So this means that I actually need to take that big step myself.

And that wonderful story will be the beginning of a wonderful blog life.