Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I refuse to post

Until you all comment on how cute my cats are in their Santa outfits.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

They see you when you're sleeping...

As I watch It's a Wonderful Life and wrap the last of my Christmas presents, I thought I would take a moment to give you a very special Christmas present that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Days of Yore

I was reminded this morning after reading this
blog of days gone by when we too used to have to deal with the stress of traveling during the holiday season. I hope Net Ghost and JK^ won't think me a braggart for writing about how happy I am to not travel this year, but instead will feel a little bit better about their car travails when they recall the wonder that is the VW Bug.

So the first year that I lived in Chicago, Rob and I had planned to drive to Buffalo in what should be known as the shitmobile. We had only been in Chicago a couple of months, neither of us had good jobs and both of us had taken a while to find those jobs, so money was not exactly forthcoming. And that is the year that I discovered that a) my car still had a defect responsible for 8 recalls and 2 entire engine replacements that was no longer covered by warranty and not recalled anymore and b) bad things happen to your car only days before a road trip. Two days before our Christmas drive my check engine light came on and I went to the VW dealer where they told me my car was not drivable, wouldn't be for 2 weeks and would cost me $1000. And I sat there and cried and as I recall told the dealer's mechanic, "But how am I going to get home for Christmas??" As it happened, Rob and I had a very wonderful friend who offered to lend us her car! but also decided to not let those a-holes tell us what to do and drove it anyway. Because we were just that smart.

Over the six years that we were in Chicago, 3 times we had car problems just days before our drive, until the point where we decided to always rent a car for road trips. And alas this is how we discovered the Envoy. The car that it is my fondest dream to envision owning, although it is actually being discontinued this year (and also is American, so say no more).

Though not a car story, I would also like to take a moment to recall the Christmas that I pinched a nerve in my back and had to lay on the airport floor in tears waiting for our delayed flight and then sit unmoving in the most uncomfortable position for our whole flight. Good times. God it's good to be home.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two Angerball Issues

So right now I'm pissed. I'm really pissed for one very specific reason, and then taking it out on a second issue. But indulge me in my ranting.

Rob and I bought a fairly expensive item (which will remain nameless due to the likelihood of my mother possibly reading this blog) from Amazon or one of it's counterparts. That item was delivered today by UPS. Or at least that is what UPS says. More specifically it says, "Left at Side Door." Guess what it's not there. The package is no where to be found. Big surprise when you leave a package on THE SIDE OF THE ROAD IT WILL GET STOLEN. I called UPS but apparently I need to complain to the vendor and they have to complain to UPS. I can see this whole saga working out really well. I can also see that we're going to be out money or not get a replacement by Christmas. This all reminds me of when I worked at a gallery in Chicago and we sent a 150K painting to a guy in Hawaii and UPS left it on his back door step in a RAINFOREST.

The other issue that I am having today is Mexican food. I have really been craving Mexican food. Well not really Mexican food, just tortilla chips and really good salsa. So tonight we went in search. The last time that I lived in Buffalo, we used to go to Don Pablo's which was pretty good, though chain-y but I remember hearing that Grandma Mora's was good -- so we went there. Oh my god, the horror! When I take a flour tortilla and microwave velveeta and salsa it tastes better than their enchiladas. It was a bad situation. I came home after dinner and did a search for best Mexican restaurant in Buffalo. The search results came up (1) Elmwood Taco and Sub and (2) Grandma Mora's. It seems that Rob and I have a new quest. Anyone got any suggestions on where we should begin?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have got to be the only one, right?

I really don't like water. I don't like the taste, I don't like the texture (that may not be the right word??), I don't like having to drink it. I would rather drink anything else in the world -- with the exclusion of carbonate things -- than have to drink water. In fact until August I was pretty much only drinking coffee. That may not be the most brilliant thing, but it tasted better.

Now, I'm actually in a position where I'm supposed to drink more water, and I inwardly sigh every time I look at a glass of water. It may partially be the aversion I have to my apartment. I mean, maybe I have created some aversion to the tap water that I imagine coming from this particular apartment. I don't seem to have problems drinking water other places. When we go out to dinner, I'll drink at least 3 glasses to the point of annoying the waiters. And when I was at Gram's last week I drank no less than 7 glasses, but here can't stand it!

In fact now I'm going to force feed myself 30 ounces just to make up for the lack of water I drank today. Ick.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Could it be that I have had two good days in a row?? I might be jumping the gun today since it is only 11:20 am, but thus far I am feeling fine. In the past two days I have managed to get off my arse and do a remarkable number of things -- including getting through to the NY Unemployment office on only my 5th call of the day!

Yesterday Rob had off for the first time in 6 days straight, allowing him to get some much needed rest and me to get my fix of Rob's comedic talents. We went to Spot together for the first time since we moved here and spent a few hours reading together. Ah, the bliss of normalcy. What can be better than actually living your life rather than watching it go by? Nothing, that's what.

I even caught myself yesterday thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, I should actually decorate my apartment (i.e. unpack). I was suddenly reminded that way back in yonder year when I was a senior in college I didn't decorate my room until February because I had this sense of the impending graduation doom that preempted any need to nest. But once I decorated I felt so much more comfortable and couldn't believe how long I had wasted. At least its only been 2 months, but there's no time like the present. Oh, and we're getting a new stove in January. Hooray! Just in time for me to begin cooking winter stews. And cookies. And brownies.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Old Lady

As many of you loyal blog-readers know, I have had a bad back for quite a while now. Over the past year, I was in worse shape than usual with several episodes of slipped discs and terrible pain. Rob and I had our suspicions that perhaps it was our bed which was starting to seem rather uncomfortable. Then we moved into our new apartment and noticed that our mattress was not only uncomfortable, it was lumpy. We each tried sleeping at strange angles and regular rotations of the mattress, but alas there was no relieve. Truly I was sleeping with metal coils digging into my hips. I could feel my hips bones loosing all padding and the bones of my body just rubbing on each other (in my medical opinion).

So we caved. We bought a new bed, just 1 short day after my last post -- but a necessary expense. And it is LOVELY. I have not had a single second of back pain since. It feels so decadent to climb into that lovely fluffy bed and drift off to sleep.

Except this morning, I woke up at 6:30 am unable to sleep longer because my hips were again bugging me. This time there was no metal stabbing involved. I think it may be time to admit that I have arthritis. Is it too early in my life for something like that?

In other news, I have just discovered vitamin water and would like to thank God for this wonderful invention which has gotten me through the past day.