Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two Angerball Issues

So right now I'm pissed. I'm really pissed for one very specific reason, and then taking it out on a second issue. But indulge me in my ranting.

Rob and I bought a fairly expensive item (which will remain nameless due to the likelihood of my mother possibly reading this blog) from Amazon or one of it's counterparts. That item was delivered today by UPS. Or at least that is what UPS says. More specifically it says, "Left at Side Door." Guess what it's not there. The package is no where to be found. Big surprise when you leave a package on THE SIDE OF THE ROAD IT WILL GET STOLEN. I called UPS but apparently I need to complain to the vendor and they have to complain to UPS. I can see this whole saga working out really well. I can also see that we're going to be out money or not get a replacement by Christmas. This all reminds me of when I worked at a gallery in Chicago and we sent a 150K painting to a guy in Hawaii and UPS left it on his back door step in a RAINFOREST.

The other issue that I am having today is Mexican food. I have really been craving Mexican food. Well not really Mexican food, just tortilla chips and really good salsa. So tonight we went in search. The last time that I lived in Buffalo, we used to go to Don Pablo's which was pretty good, though chain-y but I remember hearing that Grandma Mora's was good -- so we went there. Oh my god, the horror! When I take a flour tortilla and microwave velveeta and salsa it tastes better than their enchiladas. It was a bad situation. I came home after dinner and did a search for best Mexican restaurant in Buffalo. The search results came up (1) Elmwood Taco and Sub and (2) Grandma Mora's. It seems that Rob and I have a new quest. Anyone got any suggestions on where we should begin?


A Fuss said...

Two updates -- 1) The UPS package was mysteriously on our doorstep this am! Hooray! and 2) Yes, we definitely need a new Mexican restaurant recommendation. I need say no more.

Literary Auntie said...

Well, it is a chain, but Salsarita's ain't bad - although it's right across from Rob's work, so maybe you already tried there.

A Fuss said...

That was our next stop. I wasn't sure how much of a sit down restaurant it was. Am I going to get chips and salsa when I sit down?

Literary Auntie said...

No, more of a cafeteria-style setting.