Friday, December 5, 2008


Could it be that I have had two good days in a row?? I might be jumping the gun today since it is only 11:20 am, but thus far I am feeling fine. In the past two days I have managed to get off my arse and do a remarkable number of things -- including getting through to the NY Unemployment office on only my 5th call of the day!

Yesterday Rob had off for the first time in 6 days straight, allowing him to get some much needed rest and me to get my fix of Rob's comedic talents. We went to Spot together for the first time since we moved here and spent a few hours reading together. Ah, the bliss of normalcy. What can be better than actually living your life rather than watching it go by? Nothing, that's what.

I even caught myself yesterday thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, I should actually decorate my apartment (i.e. unpack). I was suddenly reminded that way back in yonder year when I was a senior in college I didn't decorate my room until February because I had this sense of the impending graduation doom that preempted any need to nest. But once I decorated I felt so much more comfortable and couldn't believe how long I had wasted. At least its only been 2 months, but there's no time like the present. Oh, and we're getting a new stove in January. Hooray! Just in time for me to begin cooking winter stews. And cookies. And brownies.

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Literary Auntie said...

Yeah, I've got to do the Christmas stuff this weekend - otherwise it'll never get done (gee, you'd think I owned this house!).