Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day!! Hooray!

I love the royal family, always have! I vividly remember Sarah's wedding and fuzzily remember Diana's. My cousins and I used to pretend to be the princesses and followed their every move in Star magazine.

Needless to say, I've looked forward to this day for a long time. While I haven't been obsessing, I do really like Kate (and her sister, Pippa, too!)

So I had planned to get up and watch the wedding part depending on Maddie's night of sleep. This week she's surprised me by being ridiculously clingy and not sleeping well at all. So I thought I would allow myself to sleep until 5 or 5:30.

Surprise! Maddie woke up at 2:30 am and put up a ridiculous struggle to stay awake. Guess she really wanted to see the wedding! At 4:30 ish, I caved and brought her out to watch the festivities. She cuddled for about 30 minutes before she started cranking demanding to watch Dinosaur Train. Back to bed she went and finally fell asleep.

So yup, I watched the whole thing (though I did fall asleep during one of the really long songs). What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous bride!

By the way, Maddie chose to wear purple today. I guess she's feeling her royal blood.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OCD - The Mother of Obsession

It's amazing to me when people say I lack attention to details. Because I do things like this:

Yup, my color coded shelves are legendary. I was beginning to feel like they were getting a little rumpled looking, so I started over.

The top shelf is dedicated to Rob's personal library. He does have lots of books integrated into the rest of the sections, but he has a special library of presidential biographies and New Orleans history books.

Then of course, there are the big blocks of colors:

Showcases for my camera collection:

And the Eiffle Towers that we've (I and then we) bought each time we've been to Paris:

The best part is that when you organize books by color and than size, you come across the most interesting combos. Like this one:

And of course I know it won't stay like this... I've already added in our savings jars:

(Yup, for those of you wondering when we'll be buying a house, we currently have $1 for a down deposit. Just kidding!)

So this is how I spend my day off. Well, that and baking chocolate "pip" cookies and picking every yellow flower in the park with Maddie. At any rate it was a great way to avoid doing the actual cleaning I was planning on doing today.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope you get to nibble on some bunny ears!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turtles, Bunnies and Chicks... Oh My!

As Easter approaches, I've been trying to fit in all kinds of seasonal activities. (Ten Commandments night!) Today, I took Maddie over to Canada to see the flowers at the conservatory. I did have a moment of pause, and correctly so about going alone. This is the conversation I had at customs:

"Uh, are you in communication with Madeleine's father?"
"Yes, I'm married to him."
"Is it amicable?"
"You could say that."

The customs officer very nicely let me into Canada but warned me that in the future, I should carry a notarized letter authorizing me to travel alone with Maddie. (I am quite the risky lady!)

We made it over and found a very crowded conservatory, but Maddie and I just took our time and walked around a few times. Just as a comparison here's Maddie last year at the conservatory:

It's amazing what one year can do. Here's my attempt to replicate last year's picture:

Then Maddie decided that spot wasn't comfy. So she tried this:

And then she was off. Here are a few of my favorites:

(that souvenir is in my pocket.)

The tropical room is amazing-- it's gotten a lot of TLC apparently!

(What's in there??)


"MomMom, that chick did not answer me!"

Baby turtles!

I admit it: I had trouble choosing my favorites. I'll be posting more pictures on Flickr shortly.

I leave you with this picture of Maddie looking at the bunnies:

[This post cost me $2.99 because Maddie deleted the app from my phone that allows me to download my pictures. Hope you enjoyed every penny of it!]

Good Time Gal

Do you remember last year... right around this time, actually... when Maddie went to her "boyfriend" Morgan's birthday party? And this happened?

As you may recall, that is not Morgan. That is Morgan's friend Joey. Maddie took one look at Joey's beautiful blue eyes and well, the rest is history. Of course I took one look at Morgan's blue eyes as he watched his girlfriend kiss another boy right in front of him and his first birthday cake and I felt pretty bad for him. Poor Morgan.

Fast forward one year, and surprise surprise:

We went to Maddie's cousin Annie's birthday party last weekend. (Happy Birthday, Annie!) I was a little nervous about Maddie because she hasn't really been around that many other kids -- these kids all know each other pretty well too. But Maddie just walked right up to the big kids and two seconds later she was lip locked to this kid, Cullen, who didn't really seem to mind. She decided he was a pretty good kisser, so she went back for seconds. And thirds. That's my girl! Luckily, Cullen was not the birthday girl's boyfriend. So I guess in a year Maddie has grown and changed.

However, if you are planning a party, let this be a lesson to you. If Maddie is invited, she will make out with somebody. My heart just skipped a beat thinking about the teenage years. Oy Vey. (Happy Passover!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday

Sometimes it's all you can do to roll out of bed, throw something on and get out the door. Am I right?

(see, even she doesn't want this recorded for posterity!)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today we went to "kopeka" (Maddie's word for the cottage.) it was a gorgeous Spring Day and we did lots of running around.

Of all the rocks on the beach, Maddie was fixated only on the rocks on the table.

Spring has sprung! Leaves are budding on the Magnolia!

Ok, and then this happened:

Rob took Maddie out of the car and I guess the seat belt got stuck but he kept pulling.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

All that glitters...

Guess what we discovered.


We started out making some art for Grandma. But Maddie decided that was boring.

Then she moved on to adding some bling to my jeans (and then the back of my shirt...)

Then it was tattoo time.

And make-up time! Don't I look glamorous?