Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turtles, Bunnies and Chicks... Oh My!

As Easter approaches, I've been trying to fit in all kinds of seasonal activities. (Ten Commandments night!) Today, I took Maddie over to Canada to see the flowers at the conservatory. I did have a moment of pause, and correctly so about going alone. This is the conversation I had at customs:

"Uh, are you in communication with Madeleine's father?"
"Yes, I'm married to him."
"Is it amicable?"
"You could say that."

The customs officer very nicely let me into Canada but warned me that in the future, I should carry a notarized letter authorizing me to travel alone with Maddie. (I am quite the risky lady!)

We made it over and found a very crowded conservatory, but Maddie and I just took our time and walked around a few times. Just as a comparison here's Maddie last year at the conservatory:

It's amazing what one year can do. Here's my attempt to replicate last year's picture:

Then Maddie decided that spot wasn't comfy. So she tried this:

And then she was off. Here are a few of my favorites:

(that souvenir is in my pocket.)

The tropical room is amazing-- it's gotten a lot of TLC apparently!

(What's in there??)


"MomMom, that chick did not answer me!"

Baby turtles!

I admit it: I had trouble choosing my favorites. I'll be posting more pictures on Flickr shortly.

I leave you with this picture of Maddie looking at the bunnies:

[This post cost me $2.99 because Maddie deleted the app from my phone that allows me to download my pictures. Hope you enjoyed every penny of it!]

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