Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Butterfly Napkin Rings

It's April! ... And Maddie is still making beaded snowflakes. It's time to shake things around here.

Butterfly Napkin Rings: Bring on the springtime!

This is just two pipecleaners, with about 16 beads each (we used floral beads from Michael's which are a little bigger than a regular pony bead). I put a little gap of space in the middle of the pipecleaners to allow some twisting room.

Twist each pipecleaner into an oval and twist off the ends, about a quarter inch from the end. (The untwisted ends serve as antennae.)

Once you have two ovals, put one on top of the other, with the antennae lining up. And twist in a full circle for both sets of wings.

Then gently shape your wings the way you want them. To add a napkin ring, just take a third piper (that's what Maddie calls them!) and wrap it around the center of the butterfly, tying off the loop behind.

Easy though a little more time consuming than the snowflakes. I think beads are to Maddie what felt is to me... Hmm, scary thought!