Monday, October 27, 2008

So What's New?

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I just plain old haven't felt like it. I feel kind of misplaced lately. I'm very happy to be in Buffalo, but can't seem to bring myself to unpack. Meanwhile, I have been working from my couch for lack of desk chair to give support to my poor weak back, and feeling like a schlump all day.

Last week I had to go to Chicago for a week, where I was kindly hosted by two of my co-workers and worked in a normal office all week. And what I have discovered is that work is pretty much the same. And I have now found one teeny-tiny reason to be sad to leave Chicago -- they are opening a Smoothie King in OHare airport. That's right Terminal 1, B concourse near security 3.

In other news, Rob and I are discussing taking a trip to Disneyworld in 2010 in honor of Rob's mom. And we have decided that, what the hell, we'll stay at the Polynesian Village. Because if we're flying to Florida we might just as well go to Hawaii too, right? Any body else want to join in? Fussell family trip anyone?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a Busy Day

Things that Black Cat has knocked over:
  • Kitchen trashcan
  • Bathroom trashcan
  • Pail of Fireplace Tools

    Things that Black Cat has done:
  • Made creepy sounds at birds out the window
  • Made creepy sounds at birds out the window
  • Made creepy sounds at birds out the window
  • Chased a fly
  • Chased a fly
  • Chased a fly
  • Climbed up on the back of the couch I was sitting on while I was video chatting my boss

    Things Black Cat has eaten:
  • Gray Cat
  • A Cup of coffee

    Place Black Cat is in right now:
  • Time Out
  • Full many a flower were born to blush unseen, and waste its sweetness on the desert air.

    You've all been very kind. I've received many condolences since Saturday -- and none of the normal ribbing that I encounter during the regular season. I think maybe we've all seen something this year which we hadn't seen before. It really was a beautiful summer wasn't it.

    I think only true baseball-lovers can be Cubs fans. Nowadays a lot of the baseball fans, are all about the win. Usually you see this with expansion teams, the brutal Friday Night Lights (baseball version) attitude. And also with White Sox Fans -- case in point, prior to 2005 you could get a ticket to a game and be one of only a 1000 people in that park on any given day. Fair weather friends. They win the series and start winning games -- all of a sudden everyone's a Sox fan. But you have to be able to love in order to be a Cubs fan. I would rather go to a game where they lose than not go at all. And I don't mind a bad play or an error or a hitless inning, because you just see the heart in each player on the team.

    We're the friendly confines. The place where Cubs fans talk and joke with Cardinals fans, and always offer cheerful Chicago advice to their foes. We don't boo our players, because it's crappy behavior. We certainly don't call our best batters "hitmen" because that is just plain old gangster, low class. We don't start fights, or go to games shirtless (unless you're sitting in the sun on the bleachers dying of heat) and drunk.

    On that note, I would just like to say -- it's truly been a pleasure. What a great year, and I hope we can do it all again in 2009.

    Eamus catuli

    Saturday, October 4, 2008


    I find myself more superstitious than I have ever been. First, for those of you who don't know -- we did indeed find an apartment. It's truly gorgeous, hence we were willing to forgive this:

    Things that we require in our new apartment:
    • 2 bedrooms (1 for office, no we are not expecting anything but me working from home);
    • dishwasher;
    • a bathtub ideal for bubble baths;
    • lots of room;
    • a big kitchen;
    • a wood burning fireplace.

    So you may ask why we chose this apartment, why we were afraid we wouldn't get it or why Rob gasped when we walked in the front door. First of all, let's start with the neighborhood. I knew I wanted to live in Allentown, because its pretty awesome and also some of my best friends live there. When we went to see the apartment, we were just taken with the street it's on -- just beautiful, painted Victorian houses, shady trees, garden walk central... We're steps away from one of my favorite restaurants, an awesome coffeehouse and the Allentown Art Festival (in June that is).

    We walked into the apartment and the first thing that struck me was just the amazing beauty of the structure -- woodwork everywhere, hardwood floors, nice spacious living room and of course said wood-burning fireplace. Rob says that he immediately felt at home and thought that it was as if I had already decorated it. But once we stepped into the living room and looked down the shotgun style layout of the apartment we just fell in love. So yeah, it's only a one bedroom, but an awesome bedroom. And yeah there's no dishwasher and really a small stove, but it's bright and sunny, and actually something that I loved and could see us both in there cooking (yes, clearly I was delusional). All in all, it kind of reminds me of Meg Ryan's apartment in You've Got Mail.

    And then we got superstitious. The landlord was out of town, so her friend had shown us the apartment. We filled out the application right away, but the landlord was out of town for a long time! For about 2 weeks we didn't know if we had the place for sure or not. Then things started going wrong... like my past landlord was supposed to fax our references, and for some reason the landlord's friend was receiving them so she was getting upset. The landlord wanted job references for both of us, but Rob had just gotten hired, so we were a little afraid of what would happen. Oh yeah, and then our deposit and rent checks were with the landlord waiting to be cashed when our bank went under. (Hello, depression anyone??? I've seen It's a Wonderful Life, I know how these things work). Then we couldn't set a meeting with the landlord because our schedules weren't matching up!

    I was afraid to breathe. Go figure everything worked out -- we met with the landlord on Sunday and signed a lease. And I'm happy to say we move in on Friday!!

    Meanwhile, there is just one last think I'm a little worried about. Something about a curse, a goat, 100 years, a black cat, a guy named bartman, a record season, and us actually having tickets.... Tonight's the night. I'll be picking up pennies and tossing salt over my shoulder all night. Say a little prayer -- I actually think God could be a Cub fan.