Saturday, April 5, 2014

Embellished Easter Eggs

Maddie and I made these last year because I was convinced that after we finished dying Easter eggs, she's still want to do more.

Years ago, my mom got these silk covered eggs from a student.

They're covered in silk thread and then decorated with sequins and pearl beads. She's had these since I was a little kid, and I always loved them so much she gave them to me.

In my mind, this was an easy project. I should have listened to my mother when she told me she thought it would be hard. I had planned a whole tutorial on covering the eggs, but well, just do it however you can manage it.

Because this part is impossible. Or better yet, but pretty looking styrofoam eggs and dye them or glitter coat them.

You'll also need a package of assorted sequins and sequin pins.

My little OCD child next sorted our sequins.

Then go to town affixing sequins with a pin right into the egg.

Maddie loved doing this. It was easy for her to pin, and even a great textural experience (dipping your finger in a big bowl of sequins is awesome!)

I ended up having to scramble and cover more eggs for her to decorate. Now they reside with my mother's silk covered eggs. Not quite as elegant but a fun activity and a fun decoration!