Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OCD - The Mother of Obsession

It's amazing to me when people say I lack attention to details. Because I do things like this:

Yup, my color coded shelves are legendary. I was beginning to feel like they were getting a little rumpled looking, so I started over.

The top shelf is dedicated to Rob's personal library. He does have lots of books integrated into the rest of the sections, but he has a special library of presidential biographies and New Orleans history books.

Then of course, there are the big blocks of colors:

Showcases for my camera collection:

And the Eiffle Towers that we've (I and then we) bought each time we've been to Paris:

The best part is that when you organize books by color and than size, you come across the most interesting combos. Like this one:

And of course I know it won't stay like this... I've already added in our savings jars:

(Yup, for those of you wondering when we'll be buying a house, we currently have $1 for a down deposit. Just kidding!)

So this is how I spend my day off. Well, that and baking chocolate "pip" cookies and picking every yellow flower in the park with Maddie. At any rate it was a great way to avoid doing the actual cleaning I was planning on doing today.

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