Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Time Gal

Do you remember last year... right around this time, actually... when Maddie went to her "boyfriend" Morgan's birthday party? And this happened?

As you may recall, that is not Morgan. That is Morgan's friend Joey. Maddie took one look at Joey's beautiful blue eyes and well, the rest is history. Of course I took one look at Morgan's blue eyes as he watched his girlfriend kiss another boy right in front of him and his first birthday cake and I felt pretty bad for him. Poor Morgan.

Fast forward one year, and surprise surprise:

We went to Maddie's cousin Annie's birthday party last weekend. (Happy Birthday, Annie!) I was a little nervous about Maddie because she hasn't really been around that many other kids -- these kids all know each other pretty well too. But Maddie just walked right up to the big kids and two seconds later she was lip locked to this kid, Cullen, who didn't really seem to mind. She decided he was a pretty good kisser, so she went back for seconds. And thirds. That's my girl! Luckily, Cullen was not the birthday girl's boyfriend. So I guess in a year Maddie has grown and changed.

However, if you are planning a party, let this be a lesson to you. If Maddie is invited, she will make out with somebody. My heart just skipped a beat thinking about the teenage years. Oy Vey. (Happy Passover!)


Net Ghost said...

I love how everyone looks so shocked in this photo (look at Tom, the blond boy, with his hand over his mouth). And Cullen has this look like, "Yeahhhh, I'm the man!" Way to go, Maddie!! :)

A Fuss said...

I know! I didn't notice that until after I posted this blog, but then I realized, "How come every other kid there knows, wow, she's doing something taboo!"