Saturday, March 5, 2011


Maddie loves to "why". See?

Sometimes it's windy when she flies:

But no matter the weather she loves it:

A few weeks ago, my Mom very kindly babysat for us overnight while Rob and I took a little get away to Niagara Falls, Ontario in honor of our 11 year anniversary. Before my Mom came to stay she asked me to TiVo a show that her friend's granddaughters loved. Maddie watched it, and was kind of blase.

When we got back from Canada, we watched it with us and for some reason, Maddie decided to take a little more interest.

That show was called Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. And since then all we have heard is two words: "Tink" and "Why"

And that my friends is how I threw out my back. You try helping a 30 pounder to fly and see how your back does. (Oh, and I also hear the word "bach" for when Maddie wants to color on my back with crayons. Best form of message therapy I know!)

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