Monday, May 18, 2009

Mission(s) Accomplished

I accomplished so much today! For the past week, I've been pretty exhausted and just have given into the need to rest lots. BUt all of a sudden I started getting a little bit more energy today. In fact I pretty much got that energy last night at 4 am, when I suddenly really wanted to hang all my art and pictures up. I suppressed the urge, but this morning it did motivate me to do some cleaning. And I washed all the baby clothes, blankets, sheets and such. Plus I still have enough energy to do some grocery shopping tonight when Rob gets home. Though -- I have not actually hung any artwork on the walls because I need to buy nails. Still, I did stuff today! Hooray!


Net Ghost said...

I think your baby is coming soon. I'm pretty sure that's nesting. We heard that you usually start to nest about 2 days before the baby comes. :) (but maybe that's just a myth?)

A Fuss said...

About 2 days? Uh-oh -- but really I've been nesting for about a month now, so I'm not sure that it's an accurate time line. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Sarah K said...

i think jill went a week or so after her energy rush?? but, yeah. she's on her way!!!