Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Wireless Life

One of the many perks of our new apartment is that internet and cable are included in our rent. Hoorah! So when we moved in they gave us our modem, and that's when it dawned on me that we really need wireless. In the past we just always tell the cable guy and he gives us a modem that has a wireless connect and easy-peasy we're connected. I checked with our building rep and he told me that they don't do that here, but that I could get a wireless router and just connect it to the modem with an ethernet wire. Confused-tech-challenged-pregnant-lady, say what? What?

Yeah, but I figured it all out -- and actually felt pretty broad of myself for doing so, though it does suck that we had to buy a router. Then I tried to set it up and got to deal with Time Warner Cable (because I didn't have the username and password for our account). In case anyone was wondering, yup they are just about on par with Comcast. Geniuses all. Eventually, I got the joy of calling tech support for the router maker to find a way around the information that T-W couldn't provide. My new Indian buddy helped me figure it out and I only once while spelling my last name made a slip and said "F as in foreign."

So at long last we have wireless internet and no longer have to tag onto the wireless network of "twobrosoneho" which was our previous ISP. I am beginning to suspect however that our wireless might be rather slow. I tried to access facebook and it gave me a really funky half uploaded version.... At least I can always plug in with ethernet if need be.

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