Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Hero

This morning on my way to my doctor's appointment, I got a call from my Mom. She said she needed some help because during the night a bat had gotten into her bedroom and she couldn't find it. She needed me to come over and help her look because this weekend, she's going to have baby Annie (my newborn niece) at her house. So I told her I'd come over after my appointment -- then I started thinking, 'oh wait, I already have a baby in THIS house', so what exactly am I going to do? So I went and picked up Rob. Rob grabbed his "bat fighting equipment" which consisted of: a laundry bag, a baseball glove and a stocking hat (so there would be insulation if it bit him) and we headed over to Mom's.

Rob starts looking behind mirrors, pictures, etc... and quickly finds the bat in the curtains -- then he squealed like a little girl and ran away. Then we called Mom's 80 year old neighbor to come kill the bat. In the end, Rob actually ended up saving the day. It turns out that Mom's neighbor couldn't reach the bat because it was too high, so Rob put on his glove grabbed it and dropped it in a coffee can. This story has a humane ending -- the neighbor didn't kill the bat, but released it in the park.

After that I spent all day at the DMV (two different trips mind you) and accomplished nothing. I don't really want to write about that because I'm still too pissed off about it. So maybe I'll write after my third trip to the DMV.

I do have to add that my doctor thinks all you people are nuts with your nesting projections. She's placing her bet on June 1 or 2. That would work for me! But we'll see if maybe you all are right. Anybody want to place their bet? There's a poll to the left!


kat said...

This totally reminds me of the time that bird got stuck in the basement. I'm still not sure why we were so afraid of the thing :)

Net Ghost said...

I love the story about the bat. I'm also glad that Vicky didn't kill the bat. And by the way, I think Vicky is actually close to 90 years old. :)

As for delivering early, I frankly hope that Maddie comes right on time. Delivering early comes with a lot of difficulties. Before Annie arrived, my doctor told me I was having a "boring" pregnancy, and that this was a good thing. So I wish you a "boring" delivery, and a good, full night's sleep on the night prior to the delivery. :)

Net Ghost said...

And after all this, the bat just came back anyway! :)