Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Must Keep on top of these things!

I just told one of my fellow bloggers that I was glad to see her blogging again and then I realized oh, yeah, I haven't blogged for a while either. So I need to get on that. I had an awesome weekend. This is my niece. She's adorable and I got to hold her and see her lots. I have to use a link to show you pictures because I haven't taken pictures in forever. I actually had my camera in my purse the whole weekend and kept forgetting that I had it. I really need to change that too.

On the downside our car died. On the upside I now have a really good garage and they are quoting us a price that is 1/3 the total of what we paid in Chicago for the same problem a couple of years ago -- so that's pretty good. On the downside we won't have a car for a few days possibly. Which means that should I go into labor I may need to work through the circuit of relatives to take us to the hospital -- but hey, we have relatives here. So that's an upside.


Net Ghost said...

Dear Aunt Alex,
I really liked meeting you this weekend.

Literary Auntie said...

Ooh, which garage?

Also, glad you got to finally see your niece!