Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby's Room

While we're waiting... (i.e. yes, still no baby) Here are a few pictures of the nursery.

This is the crib, which my grandmother bought for us. Rob put it together last week. The quilt draped over the front is made by my Mom with fuzzy flannel bunnies all over it.

The bookshelf filled with books thanks to everyone at my shower, and the changing table, complete with Bunny chasing the Moon mobile to distract Baby at changing time.

My rocker which you can see is loaded with quilts. Plus you can see Baby's "rocker" which my cousin Katie got for us and I love! The curtains were made by my mom, and that's my hope chest, which I'm giving to Maddie (though it's also filled with my stuff right now).

OK, and I swore I wouldn't do this because I'm not a fan of posting belly pictures, but I promised Hillary.... So here's what I look like as of today:


Net Ghost said...

A few thoughts. 1) I see that you put up that jungle thing on the crib. Mine is still in the box because I'm trying to figure out if the sounds and flashing lights are going to drive us crazy. Let me know your opinion of that. 2) Your quilt looks familiar. :) 3) Maddie's room is beautiful. :) I wish we were as organized! We just moved the crib into place this afternoon.

Sarah K said...

super cute! the nursery ain't half bad either! ;o)

Hillary said...

AHHH! Now I really believe you're prego! :) You look beautiful and so does the baby's room. Very excited for you!! xx Hillary