Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Baby Update

I feel like I haven't written in a little while, so I think I'll give a little update on what's going on. Rob got moved back to his old coffeehouse due to the departure of one of the store managers. This is the best news ever because his old store is a calm tranquil place. A place that he can work somewhat normal hours and have days off. He has tomorrow off and he has been home for dinner two nights in a row. Hooray. And his new store manager already spoke to him about how he is very supportive of maternity leave and wants Rob to feel free to take a week off when the baby comes. Again, hooray! He also has off on Friday and is going to pick up the crib, so phew... huge relief!

This morning I had my doctor's appointment and everything is great with baby. My NP told me that the baby is a nice size -- not too big, not too small and she thinks we should have a nice "normal" labor. I internally laugh, while being completely afraid to believe her given my past few months of pregnancy fun. And I got to have an impromptu sonogram today so we could figure out if the baby was in position. I truly was convincing myself this baby was going to be breach and provide me with a nice 30 hour labor for kicks, but it turns out she is in the right place. So again phew... huge relief!

This past weekend we did our childbirth class which was in the form of a marathon 8 hour session. As we were talking about some of the complications that can occur like pre-eclampsia, I looked down and noticed that my feet and ankles were about three times their normal size. At the exact moment the nurse was talking about the symptoms of pre-eclampsia which can include sudden swelling. So I was somewhat concerned through most of Sunday and Monday, but I've been told I exhibit no other signs whatsoever and that I should be in the clear from that. And also my feet are normal and pretty again. Don't tell Rob, because I'm still using it as an excuse for him to hurry up and get the crib built.

Today, I suddenly have been feeling kind of crappy, but at least Rob is here to order me dinner and tell me to relax. So I'm sure by tomorrow I should feel a bit better.

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me. Our apartment is still fabulous, and I haven't exactly finished unpacking but I'm close enough that I feel completely at home.


Literary Auntie said...

Remember, Ami and I want to come over with food and stuff when you're "completely" unpacked.

A Fuss said...

I'll remember! I think I'm getting close to being completely unpacked. I just have a couple of stubborn boxes left to go. Rob did so many little chores yesterday, that I think I can finish the rest now.