Monday, April 20, 2009

Words of Inspiration

I love finding random notes that I've taken for myself among things that I am trying to pack. Both Rob and I have always had an obsession with Moleskin journals. At any given time, I would have several in various sizes handy for taking to a coffeeshop while reading. I'm a big fan of note taking which helps me retain information (just the process of writing that is). Usually my Moleskins are a secondary journal, story ideas for my book and a to-do list combined.

Here's a gem that I find truly inspirational -- sorry source information is lacking.

The Four Rules of Humanity and Government as inscribed on the walls of the Temple at Delphi

1. The most beautiful is the most just.
2. Observe the limit.
3. Shun Hybris.
4. Nothing in Excess.

Hope you meditate and enjoy.

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