Saturday, April 11, 2009


Saturday is my day for being lazy. I refer to wake up kind of early and find some cheesy movie on tv to watch in my pjs, preferably while eating something good for breakfast like a fattening muffin or an omelette. But Buffalo TV programing has made my Saturday morning tradition very difficult. Thanks Time-Warner. Which means that I actually have to get up, get dressed and do stuff. Damn it.

So today's mission is going to be packing. I figure if I do a few boxes everyday that it won't be so bad right? I mean how much packing can there actually be to do? Our apartment is pretty tiny.

This is going to be a serious ordeal, I can already tell.

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Kristen said...

Enjoy the lazy Saturdays while you can. Eric and I used to be the same way, now we have to get up and out of the house early on Saturdays or face being terrorized by a rampaging baby. Sometimes weekends are even more work that weekdays, sad but true.