Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I love about my new apartment!!!!

Today I went over to my new apartment to pick up the keys. I was feeling pretty flustered because this is the first time in a little while that I have had a list of things that need to be done urgently. Plus I didn't really sleep that well last night. It seems that Baby F decided to find a new position in which she could compress all of my internal organs at the same time. She is very creative like that. Anyhoo, one of my to-dos is the Electric which needs to be turned on tomorrow and I was scheduled to meet the electric company guy at the new apartment sometime tomorrow between 8-12, when I would soooo much rather know that I can sleep as long as I need to and finish packing. I asked the Building Rep where the meters were and he told me that there was no need for me to come over. He's going to have the super take care of it for me. All I need to do is call the main office when the electric company calls me. Hoorah!

Meanwhile, he then proceeded to give me more information than I have ever been given in an apartment -- including a fact sheet with the exact sizes of all windows and rooms! Also included -- information on area street parking for guests that stay later than 9 PM (when our parking lot closes). And he told me that we could paint, so long as we smack up a coat of primer when we move out (which he said doesn't even need to be done very well).

And then I looked longingly at my new dishwasher and my new full size stove. Can't wait! Movers will be here Saturday afternoon!

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Net Ghost said...

It sounds like you're in apartment heaven! Good luck with your move! :)