Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Last Day in this Apartment

We kind of have ended our stay in this craptastic apartment in the manner we began -- with lots of stress and not good-ness. Yesterday was Rob's day off, so it was the day for us to wrap everything up. We didn't have to do that much, but since Rob had worked all week, I had done everything I could do and left all the lifting and moving of things. I also had to do the kitchen which is a pain in the ass, because a) we can only fit one box in the room at a time (i.e. constant lifting) and b) there are cabinets that are really deep and partly obscured (bending done and scrounging) and really high (climbing on a stepstool or chair to get stuff down). So as if I didn't see this coming, Thursday night Rob found out he needed to go into work at the new store -- set to open next week! -- for just "a little bit." He would be there from about 11 - 3 AT THE LATEST! In fact there was some discussion that they might not even need him so he might be home earlier.

So basically I sat around waiting, making mental lists of all the stuff that had to be done and I couldn't do. Then at 2:50 pm, Rob called me to say that the bosses wanted everyone to stay until 7 pm! And the movers are coming at 12pm, today -- when Rob is working. So I decided to start putting together boxes and wrapping the dishes at the dining room table -- at which point I ran out of tape. And Rob had the car, so I couldn't go get any.

Rob got home at 5:30 pm (luckily the whole "My wife is 8 months pregnant and packing our apartment for our movers that are coming tomorrow" excuse works.) We made a Target run, and then I packed the kitchen with Rob's help and lifting/bending/climbing. But we didn't get to do much else -- so that means I feel terribly disorganized now and we're going to have make quiet a few trips back and forth transporting random stuff that we didn't have time to pack. Of course Rob is working everyday this week, so I'm not anticipating much joy in the move.

On a more humorous note, yesterday the electric company was supposed to call sometime between 8 am - 12 pm to set up service at my new apartment. I got a call on Thursday saying that our window for the appointment was actually 8 am to 5 pm (NICE!). So I walked around with my cell phone in my hand all day long, and at 5 pm, still no phone call. So I called and spoke with "Pearl" who informed me I was still on the list for a service appointment and they should be there sometime before 9 pm. So my service appointment window was actually 8 am to 9 pm. I put up a big old stink and got transferred to customer service who told me they could just go ahead and turn on the electric without a sight visit. I'm just left wondering why this didn't happen before AND why everytime I have some sort of service appointment this stuff ALWAYS happens to me.

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Wow - just breathe, baby, breathe.