Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Countdown...

Sometime around last week it dawned on me that there is an informal countdown going on here until Baby Time. I'm not exactly tearing the days off a calendar, but there are a string of events leading up to the big day which pretty much guarantees that time is going to fly. Drum roll please:

This week was my sister-in-law's baby shower
Next week: Easter
Then the big apartment move
Then my baby shower and my best friend's visit
The birth of my niece
Mother's Day
Mom's birthday
My birthday/Memorial Day
and then...
the Baby should be here!

We basically have something going on every week or at least every other week until the big due date. So excited!


Net Ghost said...

Yeah, here's my list:
Baby shower, then:
Find pediatrician
Find day care
Baby class on Sat morning, get dresser out of storage, figure out where to put all items from shower, deal with crib situation, finish cradle.
Baby class on following Sat morning, arrange furniture, find curtains, figure out car seat
Then: Interview for job (maybe)
Then: Hello baby!

(Seems a lot less orderly than your list :) )

A Fuss said...

Yeah, yours is a little bit more panicked -- but that's because I have an extra month on you. Talk to me next month and see if I'm so orderly.

Literary Auntie said...

Wee, excitement! And I will help you move, if you want. I'm built for hard labor (except when babies are involved).