Friday, April 17, 2009


Seeing as how I am just about 8 months pregnant, I should be all about eating. But lately food just doesn't sound good to me. I am often hungry and I eat, but I randomly cannot identify any food that would appeal to me. Last night I knew I should be hungry -- wasn't because I still am drinking 10 times the amount of water that a normal human does -- and could not think of a single thing I wanted to eat. The closest I could get was Strawberry Shortcake. That led us to Cracker Barrel, on the off chance they might happen to have it as their dessert special (they did not).

I really have no appetite for breakfast or lunch at all. I mean, I'm hungry just not interested in eating. So I need some breakfast and lunch suggestions. OK readers, time for you to start listing off breakfast and lunch foods that sound good. Go!

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Sarah K said...

you like quiche, don't you? breakfast AND lunch!

crap. 8 months, huh? dundunDUN!