Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moving to Home Sweet Home

Last night I went to Ami's Arbor Day party at her lovely apartment. I looked around at all of her cool furniture and stuff and realized that I have never felt at home in my lovely Allentown apartment. I've never hung anything on the walls, never made any sort of decorating effort short of arranging the furniture, never bought the things that we needed to make this apartment feel more homey or even comfortable.

So I have big plans for our next apartment -- it does make me wonder though if I will be able to do so. With a new baby on the way there is less time for decorating and also less money for impulsive buys like new end tables... I've spent the morning browsing Target for the things that I know we will need. At least I can dream, and then we'll just see what we can do once we get there.

Poor Rob is going to have a hellish schedule until early May. He's being transferred to a different coffeehouse location and will be working his normal hours at the old store and his days off at the new location to prepare for opening. That of course means that he won't have much time to help me pack and organize. Except he's going to be helping anyway because I can't lift stuff. So today he'll work until about 4-ish and then come home and pack up the storage closet (aka the stuff we never really found a place for here).

Luckily there shouldn't be that much packing to do, seeing as how we never really settled. There have been boxes, opened but not unpacked, sitting in our bedroom since October. I'm about 3/4 finished with all of our books in the living room, that leaves the storage closet, kitchen and bedroom and we'll be done. Easy Peasy. Right?

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