Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When, when, oh when will we get what we really want???

You know, Sarah's comment to my last blog got me thinking.... When will I actually get to see Cadbury mini-eggs in the stores? So I did some searching. Do you know that this year Easter isn't until April 12 (or April 13 if you are Canadian -- interesting)? What has God done to us all?? Maybe retailers will attempt to stimulate the economy by stocking Cadbury mini-eggs earlier than normal. I do not think that January is too early for Easter candy. Also, perhaps like my Comcast incident of 2008, Cadbury will search the blogosphere, see my comments and meet my demands. Cadbury mini-eggs year round!!!

[Also, I submit for your amusement: Cadbury Mini-Eggs.

I'd also like to add that the lateness of the season delays two other pleasures that I am looking forward to: Easter Ham (vegetarians look away) and Faschnachts. We had a lovely Christmas dinner this year, but alas no ham. And ditto for New Year's day. No spiral-cut, mustard-glazed goodness. I have begged my mother and she has conceded to making Easter dinner with ham, but April is a long, LONG time to wait. I used to solve this problem by cooking my own New Year's dinner in Chicago, but this year we were invited elsewhere and well, the ham had to wait. My mouth is watering.

And then of course, Mardi Gras does not come around February 25. That is hella far away. I never remember it being so late in the year. We won't be headed to NOLA this year, but we are certain to avoid last year's debacle of poor frying by going to my mother's house where she will make her world famous faschnachts. I haven't told her this yet, but I'm certain she won't be at all surprised when we turn up on her doorstep on February 25. In fact I fully expect she will already have started the baking.

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