Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sigh, I guess I have to blog now.

I started this blog because I really liked blogging, but lately I've either been keeping secrets (surprise, I'm pregnant! Read facebook for more updates as they become available -- can I say read facebook? As if it were a book??) or well, not doing anything. At all. And what fun is it to blog about not doing anything at all?

Truthfully, I have been a bit depressed by the whole unemployment thing. Though being pregnant is a world of excited (excepting the morning sickness), my joy has been somewhat backburnered by (1) concerns for our stability and security now that I am a non-paycheck earning individual, (2) hatred of my apartment in which I feel rather trapped due to its small size and numerous problems (please feel free to ask me for more info, I love to rant about this one!) and (3) lackluster spirit brought on by decreased energy -- possibly seasonal, possibly pregnancy related.

I feel like 2009 may be a fresh start for me. Perhaps there might be some wondrous things in the works (besides obviously, Baby F.) And that starts with me actually doing something. Or going out of the house. So that's what I'm going to start doing. I took a first step today by having lunch with Sarah - thanks Sarah! And then I rearranged my living room, i.e. ordered Rob around.

So yes, you all commented on my cats, and now, I will fulfill my oath and I will begin to blog more often. Hooray for you, readers, your 2009 shall bring wacky punctuation and sentence fragments. Enjoy.


Sarah K said...

Cheer up, Mama! Remember what Julie used to tell us- no, not that. The other thing. "What you resist will persist. So eat more mini-eggs" Take it all one earth shattering crisis at a time. You have good things to look forward to!!

Net Ghost said...

Are wacky punctuation and sentence fragments a genetic disorder? :)

I think your energy issues will improve soon - more sunlight, the second trimester, and a really cool ultrasound coming up! And if you're just bummed out by the lack of sunlight in Buffalo (because Buffalo is just plain gray in the winter), then come visit us! :) We get lots of sun here (along with our snow and cold).

kat! said...

hatred of my apartment in which I feel rather trapped due to its small size and numerous problems

um, i ain't no blogging expert or nothing but i'm pretty sure this is material for about a billion blog posts.

Kristen said...

Hey Alex, love your blog! Here's a few words of advice from another formerly pregnant and formerly laid off woman.

Being laid off sucks, not much to be done about it. Find a project (like say having a baby) and try to keep busy. As far as money babies really aren't very expensive but daycare is. Being unemployed takes care of the pesky daycare problem.

Pregnancy sucks the energy out of you, you'll get it back eventually. Find a Prenatal Yoga Class and an indoor swimming pool. Yoga and swimming will help with all the aches and pains that come once your energy returns. Yoga classes are also a great way to meet other expectant moms.

Check out the local Mom's groups, Meetup groups, La Leche League groups, etc. After you have your baby having a group of friends with babies will be the only way to maintain your sanity. You might as well get an early start finding some groups you like. Mom's groups are usually very welcoming of expectant moms and can shower you will all sorts of useful advice.

And finally, Read, Read, Read! I read a lot about pregnancy and childbirth but neglected to think beyond and read about babies. Oops! "The Baby Book" by Dr Sears is a good place to start.