Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Snow Go Away...

It's snowing out again! Actually it's not too bad right now just steady small flakes, but when all is said and done we're supposed to get 7-8 inches by noon. Blah. I'm pretty done with winter this year. We've had so much snow and such steady white covering since November that we've pretty much hit our winter quota by the end of January.

To me the worst is that I feel completely trapped in my apartment. We've had enough storms that make driving difficult or getting stuck a likelihood. And I am really disliking Allentown's attitude. There is a city law that you have to have your sidewalks shoveled or you get a ticket (technically, they have to be shoveled by 9 am, but I would be satisfied with anytime of day). These people do NOT shovel their sidewalks. You can tell that maybe people have shoveled once or twice per snowstorm week (note: not per snow....) As a result the snow is caked to about 5-6 inches think, that has somewhat thawed and refrozen, i.e. there are mountains of ice. There's no salt on the sidewalks no nothing. In short, it is very, very dangerous for a pregnant woman in this neighborhood! I swear I will sue you if I fall on your walkway, jackasses of Allentown.

Clearly the neighbors have taken their cues from the street plowers. We have a mini plow that goes down our street occasionally. The plow is approximately half the width of a normal car, and apparently is not strong enough to pick up more than an inch of snow (at least when plowing at 40 MPH). As the city of Buffalo likes to say, our street has been "touched" and that qualifies as being done. So when we park, we scrap bottom going over ridges and mountains of muck that has frozen and solidified to rock. It's pretty much like driving off-road. And while I can't complain because people are not required to do this, I can't believe homeowners don't shovel the crap in front of their driveways too. I would, it would make backing out soooo much easier!

Stupid snow. At any rate, January has sped by, surprisingly. And January is always one of the longest winter months. February is always guaranteed to speed by, being as how it is so short. Could it be that spring is within sight (if you had really good eyesight??)


Literary Auntie said...

I was thinking just today - I don't think I've ever had seasonal depression to the extent that I've had it this year. And I was just going to blog about it!

Literary Auntie said...

TOTALLY matching blogs.