Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Day!

I'm sure that there will be 10 million blogs today on what people think and where they were during the inauguration, and truthfully I am not a fan of such emotional outpourings. Yet, I'll submit my own voice to the murmur or roar because on this day I still don't have a journal to write in (thanks, Everything Elmwood for getting right on that reordering process!)

I feel so relieved today! I remember as clear as day reading a list of the 2000 Republican candidates for president and quickly scoffing at George W. Bush the former drunkard and druggie with no political qualifications but a history of bankrupting businesses. I was so certain that there was no way that any American could ever support him for president. And indeed when he was elected it clearly illustrated to me that anyone could be president -- perhaps the most negative reading of that statement. When he was reelected in 2004 I thought for certain a move to Canada or France was required as my stomach turned. I truly lost hope, not in government but in the American people's intelligence. My deepest shame as an American is that we have still not called that man to task for his atrocious and unethical behavior.

But, I am so very proud today and I have hope again. I have every intention of buying this book for my baby so that she knows with complete certainty how happy we were to be involved in this election. The media coverage of the transition has been somewhat disappointing to me. I never felt like Barack Obama was "the black candidate" until after he was elected. It seems impossible for the press to integrate who he is -- they seem capable of discussing his race and his actions or beliefs as two non-touching topics. This is such a momentous occassion and I think it is so much more important to honor this time by being clear that we as a people, voted for Barack Obama not for the color of his skin but for the "content of his character," to paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr. This man has more potential than any man I've ever seen and I am hopeful for the Spring.

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