Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Despite all the craftiness around here, Halloween is going to be a bit overly simple this year.

Because this is the only pumpkin they had left. Yup, it's the cardinal rule of motherhood , and I am practically a veteran: Shop Early!!

I should get those words tattoo. After last year's Express Christmas (TM), a close-call Christmas tree miracle, and the Hershey Kiss free Easter of two years ago, this lesson has been learned.

But alas, this Mom has been schooled.

Last year, we bought our pumpkin early. Hot apartment+ Carved Pumpkin = Big mistake (great science project!) so this year, I bided my time.

My plan was the weekend before Halloween. But Sandy headed our way, plus Rob got called into work, plus we had a tantrum-y Monday ... Equals no pumpkin.

So Tuesday we did the walk of shame at Wegmans and asked the produce guy if they had any pumpkins. With our special treat of pity, we purchased this sad pie pumpkin.

Once we got home, Maddie quickly asked if she could color it. I'm pleased to announce our petite pumpkin really doesn't matter one bit.

I'll still try for some pumpkin seeds (an attempt to break the curse of last year!) and of course I'm still working on this tradition:

Caramel-filled Chocolate Doughnuts. I am determined to master doughnut making if its the last thing I do. I will be Alice Horton. So help me.


kat said...

we're wearing the same color nail polish!

A Fuss said...

Ha! I asked Rob if he was bothered that I was painting his daughter's nails "Disturbia" but he was cool with it!