Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fighting Dirty

Be prepared I'm going to write a personal blog, but I can do this because Rob doesn't actually read my blog. So ha!  Here we go...

Our wedding, September 3, 2006. Photograph by Robert Knight of Knight Studio (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Knight Studio!)

Confession: Rob and I do not fight well. It's not that we fight a lot -- in fact, weve been together almost 13 years and we've rarely fought.  But when we do fight we are terrible at it!

Once a long time ago, Rob rode the train home with a friend of mine and somehow confessed that he has a fight strategy. When I'm mad at him, he pretends to be mad at me. Then he admitted his secondary strategy is that when he knows he's done something that will make me mad, he cleans the house -- so that I will have to be happy about something.

As for me, I'm a total wuss at fighting. I either get all weepy about the smallest thing (seriously, I cry at commercials, too) or I go all drama queen and pretend I'm more mad than I really am. Awful, right?

We've certainly gotten better at fighting over the years! I even heard Rob apologize once or twice.  My whole purpose in writing this blog is simply because we are always growing as a couple. And that really hit home when I read this article (found through Pinterest -- shocker!)  

This article is really inspirational in a way, and has such important information for everyone to remember. I hope you find it as useful as I do.

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