Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Storm Day"

I feel pretty bad for the East Coast right now as the struggle through Hurricane Sandy. They're doing all the suffering and we're reaping the rewards with our schools closed and just a couple of leaves down. Bwahaha ha!

What to do with an unexpected day off... Hmmm...

Have some Halloween fun of course!

First we found a dark space and took some glasses of water. Then we cracked open our glow sticks and...

Voila, spooky drums! And then Maddie decided she didn't like them because they were crazy.

Then we made some paints.

And set about making some Halloween paintings.

We made two kinds of paint spiderwebs. The first used cardboard and yarn.

Just cut a cardboard circle and cut 8 lines towards the center. Wind yarn around edges and crisscross the center. Then paint it (or dunk it) and press on paper.

This was a little beyond Maddie's level of patience or interest. So then we used cone coffee filters.

(Sorry, terrible photo!) Fold a cone filter accordion style and dunk edges.

Dot the filter around in a hexagon.

And you'll end up with something like this. I used a small brush to extend some axis lines.

Cute, huh? It's nap time now, but this evening we'll hopefully be Halloween. Still have to carve our pumpkin and make doughnuts, my favorite Halloween tradition!

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