Saturday, October 13, 2012

Making Spiders

The other day my mom surprised me with this little kit:

I think she got it from Jo-Ann's. it's a spider kit, that makes three pompom/felt/pipe cleaner spiders.

Maddie had a blast helping me with this but we made our pipe cleaner legs too long and thus a) our spiders only have six legs and b) we had to get a little funky:

This is the Daddy spider, because apparently daddies have crazy striped arms.

These pipe cleaners were part of an awesome craft supply bag I got at Target for about $2.

It had regular pipe cleaners and pompous galore, plus sparkly poms and pipe cleaners AND googly eyes of all sizes.

So once we made our three spiders from the kit (quickly dubbed "Maddie, Mommy and Daddy"), we had to keep going and make spiders to represent the cats.

They were very involved in the process (yes, that is a 30 pound cat. He's on a diet. Don't judge.)

And then we just had to keep going so we made some monstery stick puppets.

I'm loving how Maddie chooses to model things lately.

Our monsters and spiders are currently at home on top of my television which is helping make the actual cobweb on my wall look planned. Thank you craft day!

Of course once we got crafting and hot gluing we just had to make a fairy wand.

This actually looks like a hazards to avoid poster. How many dangers can you spot?

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