Saturday, October 27, 2012

Decorating for Halloween

My apartment has a pretty big living room/dining room. So sometimes when I decorate it doesn't really have a huge impact. This year I wanted to up the ante a little on Halloween since Maddie really loves it and I'm savoring fall a bit more than usual.

We used some of our decorations from last year and made a few simple additions.

These pumpkins were just to give Maddie a chance to draw faces. If you zoom in you'll easily be able to tell which ones are hers. She drew two then promptly said, "Thanks very much for my help," and walked off.

I think she's been enjoying them!

Every year, I end up making some simple construction paper cutouts. They're fun to do and Easy, so there's no need to save them. This year I went for this:

The Bat Mobile (heh). Thanks to Rob for the spooky photography at 5 am. He's starting to appreciate my crafts enough to Instagram them. Anyway, this is just bats on fishing line, scotch taped to my ceiling. And it's awesome and fun for our space.

I also made some throw pillows covers. Surprise, they're felt. Anyone who knows of my addiction to this wonderful shortcut inspiring fabric will not be surprised.

These are just covers so I can change them out each season. I got this idea from Talk Crafty To Me who found a black-on-black pillow with bats. Here's my ghost version.

I'm pretty proud of my sewing machine skills. This is a close up of my mistake. Can you find it? My bobbin ran out, but I covered it pretty darn well, I think!

This is such a wonderful age. Maddie loves to help, and even helped me pin all my bats.

In the end, I think she's pretty happy with the pillows.

Happy Halloween!

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