Sunday, November 4, 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

I'm a bit behind in my posting this week, because there's been Mary a quiet moment this weekend. I'm taking a me-day and recouping. While I indulge in a little relaxation, I'm putting together my Christmas wishlist. So much fun!

Here goes!

A set of 12 plain non-seasonal napkins

Truthfully, I like white. (The ones pictured above are from Pottery Barn and are way to expensive, but just sort of give the idea of what I want).

A Garlic Roaster

Rob and I used to go to an awesome restaurant in Chicago called Cy's Chophouse that always served roasted garlic and French bread. I would love to do this at home!

An Ironing Board

Somebody call and check on my Mom; she probably just had a heart attack after reading this one. Yup, I don't have an ironing board. I have a glass top table so I can't even use that. I'm tired of ironing (ha!) on the floor and playing keep-away with a little kid and cats (and a husband). I promise to iron more often if Santa throws this thing down my nonexistent chimney.

Quotables Journal

These things are the absolute perfect journals and I LOVE them. I am not particular on the quote, inspire me! (Oh this could be a fin thing... what quote do you think i need in my life? By the way, the one pictured above is the one I'm currently using.) I have about 20 pages left in my current one, so the timing is perfect. They carry these at Wegmans, Barnes and Noble, Everything Elmwood, and a million other places.

2 Latt tables and chairs from Ikea

I know that Maddie will really be the one playing at these tables, but I want to set up a table and chair set in the dining room for when I cook and a Lego table in her room for her alone time. So really they're for me:) But we don't have Ikea here... Although they ship these little guys!

Wii Fit

This is kind of dream item because we don't even have a Wii but I just really think it would be fun! And my husband enjoys buying me whimsical gifts, so maybe there's a shot (Although he doesn't read my blog. Dear readers, please do my dirty work and drop hints to Robert!)


We love to take field trips, and would love to have a family membership at the Buffalo Science Museum or the Buffalo Zoo or the Niagara Falls Conservatory or Butterfly Museum (I'm not sure if those last two have memberships. but if they do, I want them!)

So there you have it! Maddie's list will follow shortly, but she is easy to shop for.


Kristen McGuire-Husky said...

You can totally roast garlic in your toaster oven, no special equipment needed. Just pull the head of garlic apart into separate cloves but leave the papers on. Stick them on a pan in your toaster oven and hit toast, if they're really big cloves they may take two rounds of toasting to soften up. Let them cool down about 10 min and peel the paper and eat, perfect roasted garlic, with almost no effort.

A Fuss said...

Thanks, Kristen!