Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Worked!

See? I wrote about how March would come in like a lamb and it did for us, at least. I mean we didn't have snow (unlike some people I know) and it's been mainly sunny. It has been pretty cold, but 20 degrees in February and March isn't really that bad right? Remember 1977?* Big difference right?

I have no updates on the health front so I'm ignoring the subject now. I however am having a dinner guest over tonight for the first time since we moved in to this apartment in October. Hooray! That dinner guest is my Mom, so no stress. We're having German stew and I'm already cooking. Plus we already cleaned today because my landlord was coming over this morning to evaluate the plumbing situation.

In case I haven't mentioned the plumbing situation, I shall recap because I find it most amusing. The day we moved in, my Mom and I were sitting in the empty apartment waiting for the movers when we realized we could hear water running. Turns out our toilet was perpetually filling. We told the landlady. She told her maintenance man. He replaced the toilet -- of the people who live upstairs. We called the landlady again. She called the maintenance man who had to be persuaded the problem wasn't fixed, and then who came over and fixed the problem. For two days. A few weeks ago, the landlady got her water bill to find that it was 4xs the amount it should have been and decided there was a problem. She sent someone over to fix the toilet. So today she came in with a different plumber who told her that the toilet was made in 1932 and should just be replaced (despite no longer being broken). Therefore next week, I will evacuate my apartment while they shut off the water in my building.

Ok, that's all I really wanted to say today -- though I do want to point out that I was just looking at the recipe for the stew and noticed that it is advertised as part of "An Early Spring Dinner." See? Spring, it's just around the corner. Promise.

*Technically I don't remember 1977 because I wasn't born yet, but I have heard rumors and I used to play this board game that taught me all about it.


Net Ghost said...

Maybe spring is coming to Buffalo, but we have about a foot of "that white shit" (as Jim has taken to calling it) over here. And with my big belly, it is quite the struggle to lace up my boots anymore. And if I get any bigger, my winter coat isn't going to fit. I really wish it would stop snowing and warm up.

A Fuss said...

My winter coat already stopped fitting! Weeks ago Rob asked me if I wanted a new winter coat and I was all "No, it's an Empire waist it'll be fine!" But I can't button it at all, so now I wear long fluffy scarves to keep the baby warm. But I have slip on boots:D