Saturday, February 28, 2009

In like a Lamb?

Hi all -- I had high hopes of blogging today to say that I was all better, but alas I woke up this morning in pain again. I had had a stretch of good days this week with only a few short episodes of pain this week. Most of the pain I have had has been like a 4 or 5 on the 1-10 pain scale compared to the other episodes. And by short episodes, I mean about an hour. So for now I'll just say, things are definitely getting better, just not quite fully mended. Thanks to all for your well wishes and thoughts!

I'm astounded to think that today is the last day of February. I think I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I always like February because it's the fastest month of winter and one thing that I can say about my recent health situation is that it has made February fly by even faster. I have a theory that winter is almost over. By this I mean, I'm gambling no more major snow storms and no temps in the single digits (Sarah N, I know that you are really hoping that my theory applies to Fargo too!). And hopefully tomorrow will bring in a lamb-ly March that will fly equally fast.

My mind is pointed towards Spring and all of the exciting things that are coming up for us. Mostly I'm starting to think about baby shopping and finding a new apartment. My nesting instincts must be kicking in because I am all about organizing, minimizing and purging possessions. At least in thought -- I'll blame it on my health but I haven't actually so much as lifted a finger to get started. Of course, we have some time as we don't plan to move until maybe May 1. Can't be soon enough as far as I'm concerned!


Sarah K said...

omg!! you just jinxed us all by "hoping for no more major storms"!

glad you are a bit better! it's not easy incubating a human....

Net Ghost said...

You know what your grandfather used to say about snow in April, though. :) Here in Boston, it seems like we always get a big snow storm the weekend of my friend Jen's birthday (March 6). We're supposed to get snow tonight and on Monday. So I think things are on track for that.

Did you find an apartment??

A Fuss said...

Yeah, but Grandpa also said that when you see steady 70s in Texas there is only 3 more weeks of winter. And I think they've been pretty steady in the 70s. Actually that's kinda what I'm basing my theory on.

No apartment yet, we have a couple of places that we're keeping an eye on, but we're saving up for the deposit. So they might be gone when we're ready:(

Literary Auntie said...

It's not too bad today, and it's supposed to warm up a little tomorrow, for the weekend. And YAY, sunshine!!