Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Happy Day

What's that in my hand? Is it Robin's Eggs? Easter Bunny turds? A healthy dose of vegetables and fruits for a pregnant woman? It's Cadbury Mini-Eggs!!!!

Here's the conversation that took place at Wegman's last night as I stumbled across a display of Easter Candy:

A: So we need to stop and pick up some pasta and some......
(long pause)
R: What? (Long Pause) Are you OK?
A: (points and stares) This is the happiest day of my life.
R: (finally catching on) Better than when we got married?
A: Yes
R: Better than when you found out you were pregnant?
A: I don't see any need to make judgments about my parenting skills, but yes.
R: You are a sad person.
A: Oh good, more for me.

Conversation that took place at 2:30 am when I realized Rob had woken up and gone into the kitchen before sneakily returning to bed.

A: You know that if your wife is pregnant and you eat her Cadbury Mini-Eggs you go to hell, right?
R: I know, and I think I'm ok with that.
A: Bastard.


Sarah K said...

i'm speechless, for once! i'm jealous! i need me some eggs! bad, rob! bad, bad, bad!! i like how you are proudly showing off your bag, like a kid posing with her prized art project that will go on the fridge ;o)

Literary Auntie said...

Ah ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

Jillers said...

BAD ROB BAD!! Pregnant mommies dont have to share their mini eggs!!!!