Saturday, February 7, 2009

Goodbye Tivo and other random thoughts

I feel like I should blog because I haven't blogged in a couple of days, but it doesn't really seem like all that much is going on. Of course next to the great release of Cadbury Mini-Eggs 2009, what can possibly compare in scope? Not much I tell you.

My Tivo is dying! It's so sad to me because I love Tivo and also because its really annoying to be watching a tv show and to have your picture just pixelate and get stuck and then skip ahead and then do it again 2-3 seconds later. We can't connect online anymore to upload more info, so we know its the drive and it needs to be replaced. Sadly that's not going to happen right now because we really can't afford to buy a new one. So Tivo, I say to you, you have truly changed my life. I remember the good old days when we first got you in our old craphole apartment in Chicago when you taped Wonderfalls for us as a suggestion. And the struggles of setting you up in our new craphole Buffalo apartment when... oh sigh, this is too tragic to further discuss.

Speaking of craphole apartments, right outside our front door we have a little private landing with a window. Well, there is a leak in the window casing near the top between the storm and the pane (I guess? You can tell how high tech I am). For the past month there has been a mass of icicles filling the space between the window panes -- and occasionally it drips. Sadly it also smells -- I think because it is rotting the wood? Or the drywall? Or something? Well additionally and possibly unrelatedly? There is also an icicle problem on the outside of the window and the front door of the building. So when we walk outside the door, there is always a sheet of ice on the door step, icicles hanging perilously overhead. Oh and sometimes the door freezes shut. Today, our landlady was out side our door talking with a maintenance guy -- so it sounds like all will be fixed soon!

Shortly thereafter, the maintenance man began working on something in the apartment behind us. It involved demolition of some sort. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this, but our walls are paper thin. So anything happening next to us, sounds like it is happening in the same room. So basically demolition equals headache. Yeah, it's a fun day.

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