Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lost and Found

I have to write this blog today just as a means of rejoicing. Throughout the past few weeks I have most definitely had a little case of pregnancy brain. Actually more than the past few weeks. More like the past few months. Truthfully it's probably less pregnancy brain than just what happens when you don't work every day. But when you add in the fairly frequent pain induced dazes of kidney stones, the past few weeks have been worse. Like I freaked out because I lost the car key on Tuesday and then I realized it was in my pocket.

Since Monday or Tuesday I have had sudden flashes of "I'm not wearing my wedding rings. Why is that?" Or I will randomly think about them, getting a visual flash of what they look like. I stopped wearing my rings in about November or so because I had lost finger weight (go figure!) due to morning sickness. With the Buffalo cold weather coming on, I was afraid I would one day take off my glove and the ring would just slip off into the snow without me noticing (like my Dad did!) My rings are platinum so I had decided not to wear them again until after the baby was born in case my fingers swelled. So for Christmas, Rob bought me a chain to wear the rings on.

Thursday, I realized that the reason I was getting ring flashes was that I hadn't actually seen my rings for a while. Normally I leave them on the dresser and they had mysteriously disappeared. I'm going to blame this one:

(He looks unassuming, but beware!)

So hooray! I found them today in Rob's sock drawer. So maybe there are two culprits:

They both look pretty guilty.


Sarah K said...

that picture is HILARIOUS! (jal)

Net Ghost said...

What a happy looking cat! :)