Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grace in Small Things

These past couple of weeks have been pretty tough for me and it has been easy to feel sorry for myself, forgetting about the many blessings that I have in my life. My friend Kat has been tracking 5 things each day that she is thankful for. It got me thinking that I should really take a moment to do something of the same.

1. I have really lovely friends and family members. The one thing that makes me feel really good when I am feeling really terrible is the messages I have gotten from you my readers, and my friends. Every time I talk to my mom she tells me about how my Grandma calls her everyday to ask about me, as does her next door neighbor! My dear friend Melisa told me the other day that she prays for me every single night and I'm pretty sure that Kat would actually kick my kidney stone's ass if she could. I'm pretty damn lucky to have you all in my life.

2. Rob. Whenever I talk about how lucky I am to have Rob, I always think I don't need to say anything else because Rob defies description. He is simply Rob -- patient, supportive, caring, selfless, and wonderful. Yesterday he worked an 8 hour shift that he had to get up at 4:30 in the morning for, then he came home and went out in the pouring rain to buy my low-oxalate foods. Then he made me dinner and came to sit next to me in bed and just hold my hand.

3. Spring is coming. We may still get a storm (although I firmly believe we won't) but it's definitely getting warmer. Now with the time change, it's getting brighter. And there are birds chirping outside. I arrest my case.

4. I may be unemployed but in actuality I don't know how I would deal with this health situation if I had to go to work everyday. So I'm thankful that in the morning if I feel like crap, I can stay in bed and rest. I can sleep whenever I can and not go days without sleep. And I can spend all day reading if I want to. I've rediscovered reading lately -- the pleasure of tucking in with a good book and not having to put it down until your eyes don't stay open anymore.

5. Baby F. It's pretty amazing to me that with my body in so much pain and stress that Baby F seems perfectly happy and undisturbed. Yesterday she seemed particularly playful. It's not always the most comfortable thing when I'm in pain, but it's very reassuring. Plus she'll be here in 99 days or less! Let the countdown begin.

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kat said...

those are the best things to be thankful for. i hope you start feeling better soon!