Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Um, the evacuation didn't go well. I did have a very nice lunch with Mom and I started registering at Babies R Us. But as I was standing in the aisle of baby monitors thinking, "I just don't care as long as they don't broadcast our business to the neighborhood like my cousin's cousin's monitor did" I suddenly realized I felt like crap. So I turned in the registry gun after adding only 4 items, watched while Mom paid for her "I just can't help myself these baby outfits are so cute!" items and went back to Mom's house, where I crawled into her bed and watched General Hospital with a heating pad on my side.

Sadly enough, I returned home to a message from my landlady saying, "Alex, I have an apology to make but don't worry we can work this out." Unfortunately, the plumbers couldn't make the repairs to our apartment so they have to come again another day. Awesome. At least we have water in the meantime.


Sarah K said...

ugh! what a crappy day! at least you got some "mom time"

Net Ghost said...

That sucks! Of course, I usually feel like crap after I go to Babies R Us too - but that's more related to the thought that I had no idea that half the stuff they sell existed, but what if I'll need it? :) It's easier to register on-line in my opinion.

Feel better!