Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yoga Disciple

Last summer I started doing yoga pretty hard core. In just a few short months I really felt like it changed my life. Unlike most of my peers, I always hated my mid-twenties because I had felt far older that 20-something. I had gained weight, lost some flexibility and grace of my youth -- even gained what I term a graduate grey-streak. Once I started doing yoga, I regained my metabolism (no seriously I didn't have one for about 5 years), felt just plain old younger. For the first time in say 6 years, I felt truly fantastic.

Well winter kinda did me in. Though I continued to do yoga I had lost my enthusiasm for it, doing the poses only half-heartedly and witout thought. I really blame this on Bikram (I'll tell that story some other time). Well, I lost my way. AND then I went through the weeks of turmoil caused by my mysterious back pain. Doing any back stretching was just too incredibly perilous.

Today marks the first time I've done yoga in weeks! But you know what, it like an old friend. In short my friends, as I approach my 30th birthday -- I feel like a 25-year old. So there.

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Net Ghost said...

Have you read Eat, Pray, Love? It made me want to try yoga. Uh, but I guess not enough to actually go and try it! Actually, I tried yoga some years ago but couldn't get into the meditation part of it. That's nice that it makes you feel better!