Monday, May 26, 2008

Bliss Part II

More pictures from Melisa and Jim's Wedding:

Mr. and Mrs. Pociluyko

Facing the world together....

The Wedding Party

Melisa gets some help getting in the care (it's just like Princess Diana in the carriage).

Happily Ever After.

The First Dance.

Everyone was soooo impressed with Rob's suit and silk pocket square that perfectly matched my dress. And he tied that tie all by himself!

Mrs. Torres gets down to her song: "Get this party started" by Pink.

All my favorite people.

A celebration on the balcony.

How sweet it is.

David loves me!

Not as much as he loves Rob!

Or Kat loves Rob!

The Puerto Ricans -- the most fun table of the night!

Seth and Kat.

Jim's sister Janine and her boyfriend Bryan.

This has to be one of my favorites -- clearly it's all about Rob and I.

Melisa gives her bouquet to the newest single lady --Jenny's daughter (due in November!)

A kiss for the bride.


Net Ghost said...

We were wondering if we were going to get to see Rob in his new suit. Jim (that is, your brother Jim, not the groom) says that Rob is a "Sexy Beast."

KTS said...

The Puerto Rican table is ALWAYS the funnest!!! Looks like you all enjoyed the party. Beautiful pictures :)