Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bored, bored, bored...

I usually don't get too bored on weekends. In fact I selfishly covet every little moment of it, regretfully counting the hours down until (sigh) the work week begins again. Today though I've been bored all day! I'm going to blame it on the pretty icky rain which has prevented me from foing much outside. It's not just rainy, it's cold and so breezy that my umbrella flipped twice when I went to get coffee.

But the second reason that I'm bored is because Rob is off today -- and yet I haven't seen him all day! He thinks he had food poisoning, and since he was up sick all last night he's been sleeping all day. I went to get some sicky food for him like soup and crackers and jello. But I haven't really been able to do much else for him, and I hate seeing him sick. I really want to be able to help him. So basically I've just been watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight (it just cracks me up that at least 2xs an episode little kids walk into walls).

On an additional note to my previous CTA blog, last night Rob had to take a cab home from work because the CTA tracks were on fire. I can't help but think that we're going to be leaving this city at just the right time.

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