Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lucky you -- Two Posts!

Just today I was riding the L, and once again had the incredible sense that the train was going to tip over (more on this at my previous blog). But no, part of my birthday musings was to make a little commitment to myself to let go of the fear. I mean of course the train isn't going to tip over and no L's have fallen off the tracks since like the 1920's.,0,185486.story

My favorite part of this story is that the train operator realized the train was going to derail, thought it would go off the tracks and therefore ran out of the drivers cabin and ran towards the back of the train (while passengers sat there thinking why is the driver running away when the train is moving.) Tell me this is not the worst transit system in the nation.

Wait I've just heard my other favorite part. As passengers were waiting to be evacuated the CTA played the recording which us commuters love the most. "This train is being delayed waiting for signals ahead."

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