Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here we go again...

Hey everybody! Exciting couple of weeks coming up! You can tell by the exclamation points that I am very excited!

My brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit today. Their stop over in Chicago is part of a two week long road trip across country (which you can read all about here. Today they're driving from Buffalo to Cleveland (where her grandparents live) and then straight on to us. Rob is uber jealous because while he's at work I'm taking J&J out to Spaccanapoli.

J&J last came to Chicago about 4 years ago -- when we still lived in our humble pit on Western. And also before we had this:

and this:

Needless to say we have lots of cat tricks planned as people-entertainment.

THEN as if that's not enough on Thursday we leave for my very-best-friend-in-the-whole-world's wedding which is one week from today. I'm the maid of honor (or matron if you prefer, but ick), so it will be a weekend of festivities and wedding-helping (yay!) Rob even bought a suit, a seriously nice suit. We'll be flying back to Chi-town on Sunday and then officially begins the countdown to my 30th birthday.

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Net Ghost said...

Odie and Gray Cat are really cute. :) It was nice seeing you guys. Wait til you read my blog for today - Jim almost got arrested for speeding in Madison, WI! Ha! (it wasn't that funny at the time). Just another day in the Wild West, says Jim.

Have you ever listened to Bare Naked Ladies? When they sing about a green dress? :) It made me think of you.